Heavy Duty Test Truck for Scales

Do you own a Heavy Duty Test Truck at your facility? The operators of these trucks receive special types of training to acquire their CDL (Commercial Driver’s License) and endorsements.

What about the inspection of the inside of the truck that has certified weights and a buggy cart to haul the test weights from the truck to the ground?

We at Carlton Scale located at 9 different locations across the eastern part of the United States offer this service. We have certified test weights and can come to your location and provide load testing and certifications for your scales.Our company has grown into the largest Mettler-Toledo Distributor in North America. We have nine branches located in Charlotte, Greensboro, and Greenville, NC; Knoxville and Kingsport, TN; Roanoke, Richmond and Chesapeake, VA: and in Salisbury, MD including the entire Delmarva Peninsula and Delaware.

What about the inspection of these Heavy Duty Test Trucks? We can also provide that inspection for the entire truck to ensure you are DOT compliant and OSHA compliant. Let us at the Carlton Group through our certified inspectors provide that service for you today.

Contact us today for your HDTT Scale Truck inspection. Contact us at jcrews@cgsafetysolutions.com or call at (336) 840-7589

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Personal Platforms and Lifting Devices

When you use overhead and mobile cranes and want to make your lifing process simpler and safe, what do you use?

This company in Chattanooga, Tennessee use all type of lifting devices. They care about their safety so they brought in the professionals to inspect, tag and train on the proper use of these lifting devices. Throughout the morning crane operators roll in and out of the crane yard picking up spreader bars, adjustable lifters, pans and persoanl platforms.

Hiring a master rigger and NCCCO mobile crane operator helped to ensure proper lifting was accomplished and that everyone on the site understood about the proper ways to lift. During the inspection some minor items were noticed pertaining to pins for shackles, hand signal charts, shackles that were not moused, but overall a great group of riggers staying on top to minimize descrepancies. Great job Tomahawk Crane & Rigging.

Thank you Tomahawk Crane & Rigging for giving us the opportunity to inspect and train the operators and riggers on the proper techniques.

If you have mobile or overhead cranes, rigging devices, lifting devices, and want to be compliant with the required Periodic (Annual) inspections, contact Joe Crews at jcrews@cgsafetysolutions.com or call him directly at (336) 840-7589.

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Carry Deck Mobile Crane Operator

What do you do when you need to lift something but your crane is too large to get in the space?

Get a smaller crane but still have the lifting power you need.

Last week was a great week sharing time with the newest trained Mobile Crane Carry Deck Operators in Shelby, NC. A shout to Clearwater Paper especially since they are the company that provides us with paper towels. What would we do without them?

Congratulations to all the attendees and graduates of the Mobile Crane Class.

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How do you rig the load?

I asked that question on Friday to 15 employees in Charlotte, NC. They responded with the #1 answer, THE SAFEST WAY POSSIBLE. What a great way to finish a busy week in Charlotte and Shelby, North Carolina. These guys build large tanks in Charlotte and do it right!!!

Congratulations to Jeremy and his guys on spending a Friday in the classroom learning about Rigging Level 1. Such enthusiasm and working as a team, it made the day go by very fast.

Thanks again for the opportunity to spend some time with you.

For your rigging level 1 and 2, we have you covered here in Charlotte or anyone of our other 9 branches across the East Coast. Contact me at 336 84

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Boom Truck Inspection

What is it you need to do each year to your mobile crane?

That’s right, inspection by a training qualified or certified mobile crane inspector. That was accomplished this week in a rock quarry. Some things were discovered to need attention and repair. Also, discovered was some mobile crane training due to improper wrapping of the wire rope back on the drum. This was noticed right away by the inspector and discussed with Point of Contact after completing the inspection.

Thank you everyone who gives us an opportuntiy to keep your mobile and overhead cranes in compliance with OSHA and ASME regulations and standards.

Contact Joe Crews at jcrews@cgsafetysolutions.com or 336 840-7589

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NSC Charleston SouthEast Conference

The National Safety Council is coming to the Southeast! The new NSC Southeast Conference & Expo provides a new opportunity to expand your market reach to the Southeast where you will connect with motivated buyers. You’ll meet face to face with decision makers from the Manufacturing, Construction and Utilities industries. Attendees come to the NSC Southeast Conference & Expo looking to learn and find new products and services to improve safety in their organization.

Charleston Area Convention Center5000 Coliseum Dr. North Charleston, South Carolina 29418

Come by and meet with Joe and Robin Crews of Carlton Group/CCTI at booth #127 on Wednesday and Thursday. Providing your needed solutions to questions about material handling, weighing, lifting, measuring using Cranes, Hoists, Slings, Lifting devices, Scales and measuring systems.

See you tomorrow between 9am-4pm. And Thursday at 8am-12 noon.

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Below the Hook Device and Slings

What do you do when you need to lift something heavier than human beings?

Use a forklift maybe? How about a Hoist with a motorized trolley? What about a below the hook lifting device? What about some slings?

Solution for a paper mill in Augusta, Georgia is a 5 Ton Adjustable Spreader bar with (2) slings 16 inches in width. Need to pick up something large, heavy and round.

Let us provide the solution to your lifting needs and handle your material handling issues. Contact Joe Crews at (336) 840-7589 or jcrews@cgsafetysolutions.com



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Crane World of Morristown,Tennessee

What is a normal day in the life of a crane technician, welder, manufacturer and company that produces Overhead Cranes and Hoists?

Just a few pictures of the hard working technicians and welders getting the 72 foot long double girder bridge crane ready to ship out. What about your hoist that is not working properly and you need someone to fix it at your facility? What if you can ship it to us and we fix it in our facility? We have those capabilities at ES, Inc. located in Morristown, Tennessee.

Give us a call and we can help you 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. (423) 581-1976

We are located at 6004 Erie Ct Morristown, TN 37814

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Mobile Crane Training 2 at a time

This past week we had the opportunity to provide a training session for multiple companies. These companies actually operatred different types of cranes. The swing cab boom truck and the articulating mobile truck crane.

Having 2 cranes moving at the same time, created a valuable experience for all the employees to spend time observing and operating mobile cranes.

Congratulations to all the attendees becoming qualified as swing cab boom truck operators and articulating boom loader mobile crane operators.

Need training to become a mobile crane operator contact us at jcrews@cgsafetysolutions.com (336) 840-7589

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Personal Platform Inspection

When you have a mobile crane and want to lift someone up in the air, what is involved?

Personal platform that has been inspected and load tested, mobile crane inspection, correct rigging and trained individuals. Where can you find an inspector that follows the OSHA and ASME regulations and standards? Contact your local crane and personal platform inspector. jcrews@cgsafetysolutions.com

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