Load Testing for Overhead Crane

Prior to operating an overhead crane or a spreader bar OSHA requires a Load Test to be performed. 29 CFR 1910.179 K states it will be at 125% of the rated capacity.

Thanks to all involved in loading and unloading the test weights and the actual load test.

Contact us if you are in need of spreader bars manufactured, overhead cranes and load testing.


2018-03-05 10.01.522018-03-05 09.46.492018-03-05 09.38.132018-03-05 09.24.122018-03-05 09.24.022018-03-05 08.44.582018-03-05 08.44.212018-03-05 08.43.162018-03-05 10.25.582018-03-05 10.00.342018-03-05 10.01.46

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OSHA Removes Capacity Requirement May 21

OSHA Removes Capacity Requirement
May 21, 2018 — As expected, OSHA has removed from its rule the requirement for crane operators to be certified according to the capacity of the crane.
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Rigging Level 1

Congratulations to a great group of guys in Macon, Ga. Always great to get outdoors in beautiful Georgia and do some basic rigging. These guys took it to another level by picking out items from the bone yard.

Using the skills learned in the classroom on calculating the weight of a load, the proper way to rig the load using slings and rigging hardware, several lifts were made.

The competition for getting closest to the actual weight of the load was close. Just 12 lbs separated the winning team. Congratulations to all who participated.


2018-04-05 13.29.392018-04-05 13.30.332018-04-05 13.33.482018-04-05 13.34.142018-04-05 13.34.162018-04-05 13.34.182018-04-05 13.36.022018-04-05 13.36.262018-04-05 13.36.502018-04-05 13.38.092018-04-05 13.45.052018-04-05 13.45.152018-04-05 13.45.202018-04-05 13.45.242018-04-05 13.45.372018-04-05 13.54.582018-04-05 13.55.002018-04-05 14.05.222018-04-05 14.05.252018-04-05 14.05.282018-04-05 14.10.022018-04-05 14.10.062018-04-05 14.16.542018-04-05 14.16.582018-04-05 14.20.422018-04-05 14.20.532018-04-05 14.20.552018-04-05 14.22.102018-04-05 14.22.192018-04-05 14.23.33

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Top 10 most dangerous jobs of 2018 http:

Top 10 most dangerous jobs of 2018


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Solutions for Tree Care Hazards #treetri

Solutions for Tree Care Hazards
#treetrimming #tree #osha


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In 2015, 84,600 workers were injured on

In 2015, 84,600 workers were injured on the job

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Fall Protection 1926.501 was OSHA’s mos

Fall Protection 1926.501 was OSHA’s most cited standard with 6,887 violations

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