#osha cited pinnacle roofing contractors

#osha cited pinnacle roofing contractors in jacksonville florida
indicted Peter Nees 49-year-old Ponte Vedra Beach

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Quote of the Day

A total immersion in life offers the best classroom for learning to love.
Leo Buscaglia,
writer and motivational speaker
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Quote for the Day

People pay for what they do, and, still more, for what they have allowed themselves to become. And they pay for it very simply: by the lives they lead.
James Baldwin,

Quote of the Day

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Home made sling?

The question is does it look safe? According to the person who made it, they would say “YES”. My question to you is do you think it looks safe? Below are some pictures from recent sling inspection. There is one sling take special attention to the way it was made. The other pictures are of some of the bad slings found during the inspection.

Over the years I have inspected thousands of slings. Ranging from web, wire, synthetic, nylon, chain and even metal mesh. But every now and then along comes a creative person who has just enough wire and some cable clips and presto! Wire rope sling.

No matter what they were using it to pull, suspend, hold, or tug with, is it really safe and will anything bad happen? Who really knows? Well we do. We have pull tested all different types of slings to see if they meet the safety factor established by multiple entities that govern slings. What we have found is when manufactured correctly the slings met and exceeded the safety factor. But what is really interesting is that even when slings were cut, torn, holes, weld splatter etc… they came close or even sometimes exceeded the recommended working load limit (WLL).

But it is very safe to say that this sling (homemade) would not meet or exceed the safety factor established for wire rope slings.

If you are in need of having your slings inspected and want to make sure something like this is not lurking in your inventory, contact us at CCTI. 336.337.1043 or sales@cranetraininginternational.com

Safe rigging and safe slings makes for a safe day.

“Work hard, Play safe”

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Recall on GENIE Lifts model #GS-3232 #GS

Recall on GENIE Lifts model #GS-3232 #GS-4047 #X-14


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Bucket Truck Graduates

Although it is a Saturday that I am writing this post, it is not a day off for 7 individuals including myself. Today is the day 3 of the 2nd group of Boom Bucket Truck Mobile Crane Operators final exams and practical examination.

The beginning of the week started off with warm days and less wind compared to the last two days where we have had colder days and wind up to 15 miles per hour. This can cause aspiring mobile crane operators to really bare down on those controls to keep the swing motion to a minimum.

As I sit in the room where there are 7 students taking their final examination I reflect back to the day I got here in Durham to start their training. Some of the operators to be; had never been up on the crane or even conducted an inspection. This was a great learning experience as we inspected a damaged wire rope, back up alarm that wasn’t working, anti two block device that needed modification, signaler sign blocked with grease, etc… Seeing these deficiencies opened their eyes to how important a Daily Operator Checklist can be to ensuring you are operating a safe, efficient and maintained crane.

If you are not inspecting your crane or keeping it in compliance you can be cited by OSHA or the DOT. If your not sure about the inspection or do not have the capabilities, please contact us to provide you that service and help you stay compliant.

Congratulations to all the students and thank you once again to the owner Cliff Parks for allowing Crews Crane Training International, Inc. to provide your compliance towards the Mobile Crane Operator requirements. You are ready for the deadline of November 8, 2017 when all mobile crane operators are required to be either qualified or certified.

Below are pictures of our week together along with the best score winners presentation of the CCTI cup.

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#goodyear again has a #fatality this tim

#goodyear again has a #fatality
this time in #kansas
Seriously need some training!!!
3 deaths in #virginia


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