“New Crane, New Operators”

What do you do when you have ordered a new Rough Terrain Crane?

You train your operators to correctly operate your new crane. That is exactly what International Paper did in Savannah, Georgia. Order a new crane and train their operators on how to inspect, setup, and operate the crane.

Congratulations on your new crane and the new crane operators.

2018-05-02 12.15.392018-05-02 12.15.462018-05-02 12.15.572018-05-02 12.16.132018-05-02 12.17.092018-05-02 12.17.192018-05-02 12.17.282018-05-02 12.17.362018-05-02 12.18.022018-05-02 12.18.152018-05-02 12.18.212018-05-02 12.18.272018-05-02 12.18.352018-05-02 12.18.522018-05-02 12.19.022018-05-02 12.19.062018-05-02 12.19.212018-05-02 12.19.352018-05-02 12.20.262018-05-02 12.20.412018-05-02 12.20.562018-05-02 12.21.052018-05-02 12.21.332018-05-02 12.21.422018-05-02 12.21.502018-05-02 12.21.592018-05-02 12.22.072018-05-02 12.22.192018-05-02 12.37.482018-05-02 12.53.102018-05-02 12.53.162018-05-02 13.05.472018-05-02 13.05.572018-05-02 13.25.152018-05-02 13.25.272018-05-02 13.34.122018-05-02 13.34.172018-05-02 13.36.172018-05-02 13.49.182018-05-02 13.49.232018-05-02 13.49.422018-05-02 13.49.492018-05-02 13.51.372018-05-02 13.51.482018-05-02 13.52.022018-05-02 13.52.122018-05-02 14.54.322018-05-02 14.54.33

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Service Truck Operators are Funny!

Week 3 of the Service Truck Mobile Crane Operator training was a little different. We had some real comedians in this class as they had me laughing quite often. Not every class is so funny as the students are trying so hard to learn about being a mobile crane operator. But this week the students definitely have a calling for laughter along with when not looking they would like to play jokes on one another.

While taking pictures, 1 person stands out as the ring leader for fun as the pictures will show. Didn’t notice when taking pictures how a certain individual learned the boom up signal so well, he wanted to show it off in each picture. Good Job expert Signaler!!!

Good job to all the new Mobile Crane Service Truck Operators. Your cards and certificates are in the mail and on the way. I look forward to next week in Raleigh with the 2nd group of service truck operators.

2018-07-24 12.59.322018-07-24 12.59.362018-07-24 12.59.452018-07-24 12.59.512018-07-24 13.04.312018-07-24 13.04.372018-07-24 13.04.392018-07-24 13.10.572018-07-24 13.11.022018-07-24 13.17.282018-07-24 13.17.382018-07-24 13.17.532018-07-24 13.23.292018-07-24 13.23.332018-07-24 13.23.482018-07-24 13.23.492018-07-24 13.31.462018-07-24 13.31.492018-07-24 13.32.302018-07-24 13.32.31

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Service Truck Mobile Crane Training

As we entered our second week of Service Truck Mobile Crane Training, new and experienced service technicians joined in the training program for James River Equipment.

These technicians work on many different types of heavy equipment and are very skilled at the rigorous tasks of machinery repair. However, operating the service truck allowed the technicians to showcase their skills of moving smaller items through an obstacle course.

Congratulations to all the attendees in Charlotte, North Carolina for successfully completing the Mobile Crane Service Truck Operator training that is required by OSHA per the 29 CFR 1926.1400 standards.

2018-07-12 12.49.432018-07-12 12.50.052018-07-12 12.52.422018-07-12 12.57.112018-07-12 13.00.182018-07-12 13.04.392018-07-12 13.04.472018-07-12 13.06.302018-07-12 13.12.542018-07-12 13.12.572018-07-12 13.44.422018-07-12 13.45.12

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Service Truck Operator Training

Welcome to Charlotte, North Carolina on a 7 week Service Truck Operator Training. Over the next 7 weeks I will be given the opportunity to train many service technicians and get them all ready to be Service Truck Operators.

Congratulations to the first weeks participants. It was a great week of education, fun, laughter, and sharing the experiences of what it is like to work on heavy equipment. Thanks for the 1st of 7 weeks.

If you are not ready for the November 10th, 2018 deadline to have your Service Truck Operators trained, you will be in violation of the 1926.1400 OSHA standard. Let us help you get on the schedule for getting your service truck drivers trained and tested.


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Carry Deck Qualifications

Once again the paper industry provides mobile crane training for their employees.    With a brand new plant that could be compared to the existing plant soon to open, Clearwater Paper called upon Crews Crane Training to assist in qualifying more mobile crane operators. Congratulations to the new addition and the new mobile crane operators.

2018-03-09 12.46.082018-03-09 12.46.102018-03-09 13.05.152018-03-09 13.05.222018-03-09 13.12.042018-03-09 13.12.112018-03-09 13.21.572018-03-09 13.21.582018-03-09 13.22.052018-03-09 13.35.222018-03-09 13.35.262018-03-09 13.51.352018-03-09 13.51.362018-03-09 13.51.412018-03-09 14.05.012018-03-09 14.05.042018-03-09 14.05.152018-03-09 14.05.222018-03-09 14.05.312018-03-09 14.05.362018-03-09 14.05.39

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Construction company goes Rigging

What does a construction company and rigging have in common? Answer lots of things. MB Haynes a reputable company that provides many different services all came together in the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina to practice their rigging skills. MB Haynes provides the following:

  • H & M Constructors – General Contracting
  • H & M Constructors – Industrial
  • HAYNES Controls 
  • HAYNES Electric
  • HAYNES Electric Utility
  • HAYNES Firestop
  • HAYNES Heating & Cooling
  • HAYNES Plumbing 
  • HAYNES Solar
  • HAYNES Technologies

And on this day provided a lot of laughs as we learned the proper way to rig loads, calculate loads, tie 5 knots, and most of all move the load safely.

Below are a few of the pictures of the guys hard at work in the classroom.

Thanks again for an enjoyable day and see you in a couple of weeks for another session of Rigging Level 1.

2018-01-30 13.58.332018-01-30 13.59.212018-01-30 13.59.302018-01-30 13.59.332018-01-30 14.07.532018-01-30 14.09.172018-01-30 14.09.202018-01-30 14.09.252018-01-30 14.12.062018-01-30 14.29.022018-01-30 14.29.102018-01-30 14.29.182018-01-30 14.29.312018-01-30 14.29.322018-01-30 14.37.472018-01-30 14.44.482018-01-30 14.44.552018-01-30 14.44.582018-01-30 14.52.292018-01-30 14.52.452018-01-30 14.52.48

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Happens in a Lumber Mill

What happens in a Lumber Mill doesn’t always stay in a lumber mill.

With the mobile crane Federal laws going into effect for operators, a lumber mill in the state of North Carolina is wasting no time getting all of their employees qualified on the boom truck.

Finished 1 class and another is scheduled for later in the year. Get your employees qualified before it is too late. November 10th 2018 is right around the corner.

Congratulations to Jordan Lumber for qualifying their mobile crane operators!!!




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