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#thanksgiving tips from the #NFPA


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Once again OSHA had delayed the deadline for crane operators. Now the deadline is November 10, 2018. Don’t wait till the last minute, let’s get your employees qualified and certified.

Reaffirm plans to remove capacity from requirement
Thursday, November 9, 2017 — OSHA today published a Final Rule delaying its deadline for crane operators to be certified by one year until November 10, 2018. OSHA is also extending its employer duty to ensure that crane operators are competent to operate a crane safely for the same one-year period. The Rule takes effect immediately.
The notice, which comes just one day before the certification requirement was due to come into effect, follows publication of a Proposed Rule in August in which OSHA announced its plans for the postponement.
OSHA believes that an additional year will be sufficient to complete work on addressing the two issues that has concerned industry ever since the crane rule was published in 2010; namely, whether operators need to be certified by type and capacity, or just by type; and whether certification is sufficient by itself to deem an operator qualified to operate a crane.
While OSHA is not at liberty to disclose the exact language it will propose to fix these two issues, it has again reaffirmed its intention, first noted in its submission to the Advisory Committee on Construction Safety and Health (ACCSH) in 2015, “to propose removing the capacity component of certification.” OSHA also notes that it would be unfair to employers to enforce the certification requirement “before completing the separate rulemaking to change that criteria.”
On the second issue, OSHA states in this latest rulemaking that it currently is “not prepared to make a determination whether certification alone is insufficient” in determining whether an operator is qualified.
The National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) supported the additional delay “reluctantly” since the changes to the rule were critically important to the effectiveness of the certification requirement, said NCCCO CEO Graham Brent.  However, it was important OSHA acted with urgency. “Since the positive impact of professionally developed, third-party, accredited crane operator certification on the incidence of deaths and injuries caused by crane accidents has been amply demonstrated during the more than 20 years that NCCCO has been providing it (see, for example, Cal-OSHA Study of Crane Accidents, 2008) every delay means that this nation’s workers continue to be exposed to risks that would otherwise have been mitigated,” NCCCO stated in its official submission to OSHA in September.


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Make no little plans they have no magic

Make no little plans they have no magic to stir men’s blood Make big plans; aim high in hope and work. Daniel Burnham,

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Make no little plans they have no magic

Make no little plans they have no magic to stir men’s blood. Make big plans aim high in hope and work. Daniel Burnham, architect

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8 More Mobile Crane Operators

Today is test day for the 8 Boom Truck Mobile Crane Operators. Currently they are new to the mobile crane industry. They desire to operate the boom truck mobile crane at their facility. Replacing pumps, valves, tanks, pipes and moving around maintenance equipment on a daily basis requires them to rig, signal and operate the boom truck.

First is the multiple choice test along with load chart calculations. Then when finished within the next 2 hours, they will each go out to the crane and practice for their practical examination.

If you ever considered being a mobile crane operator, ask anyone that has went through the process and they will tell you it is a commitment. It takes hours to perfect the skills to operator a mobile crane. It takes reading skills to understand how to set up the crane. It takes math skills to calculate the load chart to confirm the crane can lift the load successfully.

Congratulations to the newest members of the boom truck mobile crane group at Charleston Water System.

“Work Hard and Play Safe”

Safe Lifting to you all. Congratulations!!!

2017-09-27 08.15.212017-09-27 08.15.352017-09-27 08.15.462017-09-27 11.37.002017-09-27 11.37.372017-09-27 11.37.462017-09-27 14.48.142017-09-27 14.48.282017-09-27 15.24.372017-09-27 15.49.092017-09-27 15.49.292017-09-27 15.49.34




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#osha top 10 cited violations #fallprote

#osha top 10 cited violations
#fallprotection most cited


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Service Truck Mobile Crane Operator

Did you know that if your operating a service truck mobile crane you are required by OSHA to be qualified or certified???

Well this great company of Charleston are very aware of the requirements, laws and regulations concerning mobile crane operators.

Week 1 of the service truck operator training has completed. Congratulations to many new service truck operators. Also the the previous service truck operators who updated their qualifications. Charleston, SC is in good hands with the water and waste water employees who are dedicated to providing the best service in South Carolina.

Below are pictures of the employees learning to tie knots, maneuver the service truck boom and position loads in very tight situations. Many hours were dedicated to training both in the classroom and out in the field. Each student completed over 24 hours of training, 8 different written test and 4 practical examinations to become qualified SERVICE TRUCK MOBILE CRANE OPERATORS!!! Congratulations from CCTI, Inc. on a job well done and thank you for all the hard work.

If you need your employees trained, give us a call. Happy Lifting!!!

Crews Crane Training International, Inc. 336.337.1043                                          @crewscrane                                                                      www.cranetraininginternational.com

2017-09-20 09.28.242017-09-20 09.28.292017-09-20 09.29.102017-09-20 09.29.152017-09-20 09.29.232017-09-20 09.30.092017-09-20 09.30.162017-09-20 09.30.262017-09-20 09.30.492017-09-20 09.32.462017-09-20 09.32.482017-09-20 09.32.562017-09-20 09.33.202017-09-20 09.35.312017-09-20 09.35.332017-09-20 09.35.422017-09-20 09.36.182017-09-20 09.36.372017-09-20 09.42.062017-09-20 09.42.262017-09-20 09.42.272017-09-20 09.42.30-22017-09-20 09.43.082017-09-20 10.02.21-22017-09-20 10.02.412017-09-20 10.02.572017-09-20 10.28.562017-09-20 10.28.572017-09-20 11.16.512017-09-20 11.16.562017-09-20 11.16.58-2JEEP1062JEEP1063JEEP1064JEEP1066JEEP1067JEEP1068JEEP1071

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