NC Aggregates

2021 NC Mine Safety & Health Conference

September 8 @ 10:00 am – September 10 @ 12:00 pm Harrah’s Cherokee 777 Casino Drive Cherokee, NC United States

NC Aggregates Mission Statement

Promoting the environmentally sound, responsible and economically viable extraction of crushed stone, sand, and gravel for use in all types of construction for public benefit and for positive statewide economic development.

Come visit the booths and meet great speakers and topics.

For your material handling needs and products related to cranes, hoists, slings, below the hook lifting devices, OSHA required training, MSHA required training.

Plus, this year CCTI is providing detail information pertaining to Vehicle Scales, systems and service by Carlton Scale (Carlton Industrial Automation). Your Mettler Toledo Premier Distributor

Booth is set up and waiting to see you on Thursday morning, come by and say Hi to Joe and Robin Crews. Don’t forget to tell Robin Happy Birthday!!!

Contact us at

Joe Crews @ (336) 337-1043 or

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Jib Crane on wooden block

Provided a Fall Protection class last week for a new customer.

While standing in the classroom, I look down and what do I see?

Someone bought a jib crane, put on a hoist and mounted it on pieces of wood.

I asked them if they had ever heard of footings in concrete???

The things you see and what people do when they don’t see professionals.

And the best part is Fastenal did the inspection.

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Wire rope inspection

Questions for anyone who have a hoist that uses wire rope.

1-How often are you required to inspect your wire rope?

2-What is the rejection criteria?

3-Do you inspect you own wire rope or hire a trained contractor?

Below is a discovery of a wire rope during the Periodic Inspection.

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Mobile Crane Boom Truck Operators

Congratulations to the employees who not only braved the rigorous 3 days of mobile crane training, but also had to endure the large tornado and storm. Thank you to these employees who keep our water and waste water in each town.

Yes, these employees stuck with it even with a tornado touching down during the storm named ELSA. High winds, spotted tornado, rain and lots of rain could not stop the new crane operators from completing their practicals.

During the refresher portion for the previous qualified operators they only saw some winds and rain, but kept up the spirit of CAN DO!!!

Congratulations to all the employees who got their qualification and re-qualification and Boom Truck Mobile Crane Operators.

#mobilecrane #training #craneoperator #osha

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Are you ready for Flagger Training???

Tomorrow is an exciting day for some individuals. All week long we have the opportunity to provide Work Place Flagger Training in Charleston, South Carolina.

What is it we need to know as a Flagger?

The primary function of traffic control procedures is to move vehicles and pedestrians safely and expeditiously through or around temporary traffic control zones while protecting on-site workers and equipment.

If you need flagger training, contact us at CCTI for the 4 hour or 8 hour or 3 days training to comply with OSHA 29 CFR 1926 Part G regulations and Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) 2009 Edition.

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Powered Industrial Truck Training

What started out as meeting a new customer to perform their Periodic Overhead Crane Inspection to meet their OSHA requirements has turned into a great training opportunity. At a place called Landmark Coatings, Mark contacted us after sending his inspection packet for some training? Asking for Fork lift training and could we accomplish in a timely fashion? The answer was YES we can and completed that on this past Friday.

The owner Mark Campbell takes Safety as #1. Even though all four of the employees were previously trained, there were improvements made on their inspection process, equipment upgrades, and even a suggestion to battle with the rain when used outdoors. It was a great all hands involvement from the owner to each individual in the class. One of the highlights of the day was that Mark also attended the training and participated.

Thanks Mark for allowing CCTI to provide you with PIT training. Mark’s company is top notch and has some rather large equipment in the shop. I think anything you want to blast or clean, he can accommodate. Give him a call.

For anyone needing items ranging from automobile wheels, vehicle parts, large and small industrial steel blasted and cleaned, Landmark Coatings can provide that service.

  • Abrasive blasting (like sandblasting, but with a different kind of abrasive grit).
  • Bake-cleaning
  • Shot blasting
  • Shot peening

Landmark Coatings has multiple machines large and small that blasts, cleans and tumbles to prepare items for the powder coating process.

Landmark Coatings located at 933 Danner Road Mocksville, NC 27028 (336) 909-2069 Email:

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When one of your favorite customers contact you and asked you about assisting them with their fall protection program and how they can make it successful; you know your about to spend some quality time with a great company.

Companies that care about their employees safety and their companies fall protection program is so important. There are so many things to consider with fall protection. Fall protection is one of the leading causes for fatalities in the workplace.

CCTI provided guidance to users on the need for proper fall protection. Illustrated fall protection systems. Helped employees familiarize the proper use of fall protection equipment. Assisted in the proper selection, care, use and inspection of the fall protection equipment.

All students donned the equipment and assisted each other in the selections.

During the walk around in this top notch facility, we observed the ladders, railways, steps and possible opportunities to engineer and reduce the opportunity for slips, trips and falls.


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Rigging Level 1

What happens after the morning is spent in the classroom learning about: OSHA & ASME Standards, Rigging Hardware, Sling Identification, Weight Calculating formulas, Center of Gravity, Wire Rope, Knot Tying and many more topics covered pertaining to Rigging Level 1.

Time to go outside and calculated the weight of loads, center of gravity, sling inspection and how to rig properly the load.

Congratulations to all the students who participated in the 2 days of rigging level 1 training.

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Paper Towels, Toilet Paper and Cranes

You might ask what does PAPER TOWELS, TOILET PAPER and CRANES have in common????

When you work at Clearwater Paper in Shelby, North Carolina a lot is in common.

They are your supplier of paper towels and toilet paper all over the country. And they know how to do it right. They are a premier private brand tissue manufacturer and producer of high-quality paperboard products. Their products can provide more sustainable alternatives to those made from non-renewable resources.

Had the opportunity to provide additional training for mobile crane operators and they were awesome!!!! Using the carry deck to repair, maintenance and move things all over the massive 2 plants, these operators know a thing or too about paper!!!!

Congratulations to all the newest Mobile Crane Carry Deck Operators!!!!

#paper #papertowel #cranes #mobilecranes #training

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MISSISSIPPI State goes all out on Voltage and Training

Congratulations and Thanks for all you do at The Paul B. Jacob High Voltage Laboratory at Mississippi State University serves as an independent, non-industrial, university center for high voltage engineering. The laboratory focuses on high voltage research, evaluation, and education. This multi-purpose high voltage facility is designed to meet the evaluation needs of the industry and provides the necessary environment for academic research in high voltage engineering. As an integral part of our national high voltage technology structure, the laboratory serves as a means of strengthening the U.S. position in this specialized technical area.

We at CCTI Inc. have been given the opportunity for multiple years now to provide the crane inspections, forklift training, aerial/scissor lift training and overhead crane operator training.

It all started when I first met David Wallace working at ABB/Kuhlman in Crystal Springs, Mississippi. We built a bond of interest in electricity and it grew from there into a relationship of watching David receive his Doctorate. So proud of David and what he has accomplished personally, but also what he has done at The University of Mississippi State.

Each time I visit David and his Laboratory I am amazed at what he is testing, attempting to do for companies in the field of High Voltage. His laboratory and the University is known all over the world as the place to go for not just a great education, but to use your mind to create new inventions.

I have attached some pictures from the training and his laboratory. Also there is a link for you to see more in depth of what the University is doing. When looking for a place to receive your education, look no further than The University of Mississippi State and get your degree working with High Voltage.

Link to High Voltage Laboratory at Mississippi State

Congratulations to all the graduates of 2021 and the students who attended the training provided by Crews Crane Training International, Inc. May your minds and eagerness to invent go forward and may you succeed in all you do.

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