Qualifying or Disqualifying a prospective Customer

Quote Quote Quote.

This is what your asked for each and every day by prospective business callers? Or are they really prospective customers? Have you asked yourself questions about why you sell or do not sell?

Help yourself to qualify or disqualify a prospective customer can be as easy as 5 simple questions.

Do they just need three quotes so they can fulfill the company requirements for bids? Are they really just needing three quotes to help make a decision? Maybe just to keep you in line with the ongoing pricing they are asking for the quote?

These are just a few reasons for asking you for a quote. There are so many more reasons but the point of asking for a quote is to obtain pricing from you to provide them with something you have that they need!!!

My 1st question for you is? Do you provide them with the quote with minimal questions or do you ask multiple questions to help understand exactly what they are asking you to quote?

My 2nd question for you is?  Does the customer know what they want and did you get enough information from them to provide the quote? Sometimes you may find that they do not even know what they are asking you to provide. The reason for their inquiry is they need to get 3 quotes to fulfill the company quota and the person asking hasn’t enough information or knowledge to know what they are asking you to provide?

Now you can help yourself with these 5 questions to help you better understand their needs and to help you Qualify or Disqualify them as a prospective customer.

1- What was your reason for calling us today?                                                                  This is the most important question. The more precise answer, the better opportunity for selling them your service or product.                                                                                         Example of responses you may receive: I’m looking for? (gather a complete understanding of their needs); I just want some information? (ask what type of information and if they cannot answer your question they are not the decision maker or not serious.)

2- What is your procedure for purchasing and are you the person making the decision to purchase? Ask this question, it is OK. If there are others involved, then request a meeting with all decision makers or you may be wasting your time.

3- What is your budget? You may not always get an answer. But it is OK to ask. If they do not provide an answer, ask this question? Our service or product pricing is in the range of _____ to _____. Is this within your budget?                                                  If you do not receive an answer to this question, then most likely they are not the decision-maker and is calling for pricing for another person.

4- What is your time frame for making the decision? Once again, this question is so important because their sense of urgency or the ability to provide the service or product in a timely manner may depend on you.                                                                                             Examples of responses you may receive: We need this by______.; We are just in the preliminary stages of the project; We are receiving quotes at this time; Worst answer of course is I’m not sure.

5- How did you hear about our company? This question will better help you to know how your company is being viewed via ads, mailings, marketing, social media, referrals and salespersons. It will allow you to collect data towards future investments into marketing strategies.

To Qualify or Disqualify is the question???

About CrewsCrane

President/CEO of CCTI, Inc. providing Crane, Hoist, and material handling training. Inspections, service and parts for Mobile and overhead crane. General and Construction Industry for 10 & 30 hr OSHA courses, aerial/scissor lifts, and forklift. Inventory of Hoists, Slings and Below the Hook Devices.
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