MSHA Serious Accident

METAL / NONMETAL Serious Accident
Surface Gravel Mine – A miner had finished a repair to a conveyor belt. Before installing the tail pulley guard, the miner began training the belt. During this process the miner removed a rock from the tail pulley and his right arm got caught in the smooth tail pulley.

Conveyor Belt

Best Practices
• Lock out conveyor power switches and tag them before you work on a conveyor
• Use your own lock and tag as an additional precaution if more than one job is on-going
• Make sure that guards are adequate and securely in place
• Never remove material spilled beneath belt conveyor drives and tailpieces while the conveyors are in motion
• Never clean conveyor pulleys manually while the conveyor is in motion
• Never cross moving belt conveyors, except where suitable crossing facilities are provided
• Never enter an area along a moving conveyor belt where the clearance is restricted
• Never turn your back to belt conveyors that are in use when working in close proximity to moving machine parts


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