Basic Rigging Training

Week 1 of Basic Rigging was a success for many different groups of employees in Augusta, Georgia. These students really showed they wanted to learn about rigging for mobile cranes. Some of the things we spent time learning are listed below and pictures of our 8 hr day in the classroom and out in the field.

Special thanks to Steve Hallman for always providing a suitable training area and organizing the training dates. Kudos to you and your company for staying on top of the rigging field and keeping all of your employees trained and ready to rig!!!

  • OSHA / ASME Standards & Interpretations
  • Rigging Hardware and Gear Selection
  • Sling Identification & Rigging Hardware Inspection Criteria
  • Weight Calculating Formulas
  • Center of Gravity; Load Balancing, Effects of Angle on Rated Loads
  • Load Calculation, Reduced Capacity & Increased Tension Calculating
  • Wire Rope and End Fittings
  • Knot Tying practices
  • Lift Determinations / Formulating a Lift Plan
  • Communication Methods / Hand Signals


About CrewsCrane

President/CEO of CCTI, Inc. providing Crane, Hoist, and material handling training. Inspections, service and parts for Mobile and overhead crane. General and Construction Industry for 10 & 30 hr OSHA courses, aerial/scissor lifts, and forklift. Inventory of Hoists, Slings and Below the Hook Devices.
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