Rigging Level 1

Congratulations to a great group of guys in Macon, Ga. Always great to get outdoors in beautiful Georgia and do some basic rigging. These guys took it to another level by picking out items from the bone yard.

Using the skills learned in the classroom on calculating the weight of a load, the proper way to rig the load using slings and rigging hardware, several lifts were made.

The competition for getting closest to the actual weight of the load was close. Just 12 lbs separated the winning team. Congratulations to all who participated.


2018-04-05 13.29.392018-04-05 13.30.332018-04-05 13.33.482018-04-05 13.34.142018-04-05 13.34.162018-04-05 13.34.182018-04-05 13.36.022018-04-05 13.36.262018-04-05 13.36.502018-04-05 13.38.092018-04-05 13.45.052018-04-05 13.45.152018-04-05 13.45.202018-04-05 13.45.242018-04-05 13.45.372018-04-05 13.54.582018-04-05 13.55.002018-04-05 14.05.222018-04-05 14.05.252018-04-05 14.05.282018-04-05 14.10.022018-04-05 14.10.062018-04-05 14.16.542018-04-05 14.16.582018-04-05 14.20.422018-04-05 14.20.532018-04-05 14.20.552018-04-05 14.22.102018-04-05 14.22.192018-04-05 14.23.33

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