Construction company goes Rigging

What does a construction company and rigging have in common? Answer lots of things. MB Haynes a reputable company that provides many different services all came together in the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina to practice their rigging skills. MB Haynes provides the following:

  • H & M Constructors – General Contracting
  • H & M Constructors – Industrial
  • HAYNES Controls 
  • HAYNES Electric
  • HAYNES Electric Utility
  • HAYNES Firestop
  • HAYNES Heating & Cooling
  • HAYNES Plumbing 
  • HAYNES Solar
  • HAYNES Technologies

And on this day provided a lot of laughs as we learned the proper way to rig loads, calculate loads, tie 5 knots, and most of all move the load safely.

Below are a few of the pictures of the guys hard at work in the classroom.

Thanks again for an enjoyable day and see you in a couple of weeks for another session of Rigging Level 1.

2018-01-30 13.58.332018-01-30 13.59.212018-01-30 13.59.302018-01-30 13.59.332018-01-30 14.07.532018-01-30 14.09.172018-01-30 14.09.202018-01-30 14.09.252018-01-30 14.12.062018-01-30 14.29.022018-01-30 14.29.102018-01-30 14.29.182018-01-30 14.29.312018-01-30 14.29.322018-01-30 14.37.472018-01-30 14.44.482018-01-30 14.44.552018-01-30 14.44.582018-01-30 14.52.292018-01-30 14.52.452018-01-30 14.52.48

About CrewsCrane

President/CEO of CCTI, Inc. providing Crane, Hoist, and material handling training. Inspections, service and parts for Mobile and overhead crane. General and Construction Industry for 10 & 30 hr OSHA courses, aerial/scissor lifts, and forklift. Inventory of Hoists, Slings and Below the Hook Devices.
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