Service Truck Operators are Funny!

Week 3 of the Service Truck Mobile Crane Operator training was a little different. We had some real comedians in this class as they had me laughing quite often. Not every class is so funny as the students are trying so hard to learn about being a mobile crane operator. But this week the students definitely have a calling for laughter along with when not looking they would like to play jokes on one another.

While taking pictures, 1 person stands out as the ring leader for fun as the pictures will show. Didn’t notice when taking pictures how a certain individual learned the boom up signal so well, he wanted to show it off in each picture. Good Job expert Signaler!!!

Good job to all the new Mobile Crane Service Truck Operators. Your cards and certificates are in the mail and on the way. I look forward to next week in Raleigh with the 2nd group of service truck operators.

2018-07-24 12.59.322018-07-24 12.59.362018-07-24 12.59.452018-07-24 12.59.512018-07-24 13.04.312018-07-24 13.04.372018-07-24 13.04.392018-07-24 13.10.572018-07-24 13.11.022018-07-24 13.17.282018-07-24 13.17.382018-07-24 13.17.532018-07-24 13.23.292018-07-24 13.23.332018-07-24 13.23.482018-07-24 13.23.492018-07-24 13.31.462018-07-24 13.31.492018-07-24 13.32.302018-07-24 13.32.31

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