Articulating Boom Loader Crane

Do you know about the articulating boom crane? Is it a crane? Is it a forklift?

Here is what OSHA states pertaining to Articulating Boom Loader Cranes.

29 CFR 1926.1400 Sub-part CC Scope exclusions (c)(17) Material Delivery
(i) Articulating/knuckle-boom truck cranes that deliver material to a construction site when used to transfer materials from the truck crane to the ground, without arranging the materials in a particular sequence for hoisting.
(ii) Articulating/knuckle-boom truck cranes that deliver material to a construction site when the crane is used to transfer building supply sheet goods or building supply packaged materials from the truck crane onto a structure, using a fork/cradle at the end of the boom, but only when the truck crane is equipped with a properly functioning automatic overload prevention device. Such sheet goods or packaged materials include, but are not limited to: sheets of sheet rock, sheets of plywood, bags of cement, sheets
or packages of roofing shingles, and rolls of roofing felt.  (iii) This exclusion does not apply when:
(A) The articulating/knuckle-boom crane is used to hold, support or stabilize the material to facilitate a construction activity, such as holding material in place while it is attached to the structure;
(B) The material being handled by the articulating knuckle boom crane is a prefabricated component. Such prefabricated components include. but are not limited to: precast
concrete members or panels, roof trusses (wooden, cold formed metal, steel, or other material), prefabricated building sections such as, but not limited to: floor panels, wall panels, roof panels, roof structures, or similar items:
(C) The material being handled by the crane is a structural steel member (for example, steel joists, beams, columns, steel decking (bundled or un-bundled) or a component of a systems-engineered metal building (as defined in 29 CFR 1926 subpart R).

We want to congratulate the first set of employees at Delta Gypsum to complete their qualifications for the Articulating Boom Loader Mobile Crane.

If you have questions concerning the articulating boom crane whether it is a loader, winch or hoist contact us at CCTI for clarification.



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