Service Truck Qualification

I had the opportunity last week to spend several days with some exciting, enthusiastic, hard work construction company personnel. They really do know the words of what hard work is really all about as they told me stories of working in construction industry.

During the week these gentleman were able to demonstrate their skills in the service truck mobile crane world and the overhead crane world of operations. These guys use their service truck every day and in many configurations based on the items they have to lift and repair.

During the classroom setting, there were many things learned about crane characteristics, definitions and terminologies, inspection, assembly/disassembly, working near power lines, rigging and signaling. They all did really well on their final examination for the written portion.

When it came time to go outside and practice before their final practical examination fun was had by all. They were not sure what Joe had in store for them when he introduced a 5 gallon bucket filled with water and a long piece of rope. But they soon found out that it is not as easy as it looks. But fun was had by all and yes, there was some water spilled out on the ground by a few. Controlling the load for fun and especially for real when making a lift was a matter of total concentration, keeping the load hook in line with the center of gravity and most of all?

Joe’s slogan. “Slow is fast” when it comes to moving the load. The slower you move the load the faster it will travel without any swinging causing dynamic loading.

Congratulations to all of Reeves Construction company for participating and getting qualified in the Mobile Crane Service Truck and Overhead Crane Qualification.

See you soon for the Mobile Boom Truck Training to complete your mobile crane qualifications.

When you need training in the material handling industry, call us at:                              CCTI, Inc.  (336) 337-1043 or visit our website to request a quote.

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President/CEO of CCTI, Inc. providing Crane, Hoist, and material handling training. Inspections, service and parts for Mobile and overhead crane. General and Construction Industry for 10 & 30 hr OSHA courses, aerial/scissor lifts, and forklift. Inventory of Hoists, Slings and Below the Hook Devices.
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