NCCCO Restructure Policy

The National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) is announcing the following:

1-Written Exam Retake Policy. NCCCO will be implementing an Exam Retake Policy effective October 1, 2019. This policy will require any candidate failing an NCCCO written exam to wait a minimum of four weeks before being eligible to retake the same exam again. This policy will ensure greater fairness in testing amongst all NCCCO candidates as it prevents candidates who are retesting from having an unfair advantage on a written exam due to content familiarity. NCCCO is actively developing alternate forms of all written exams to allow individuals to retest more quickly in the future. This policy change only affects those individuals who have failed a written exam and are looking to retake the exam within a four-week period. Note: There is no impact on practical testing whatsoever. Please see the Retake Policy FAQs for additional information.

2-Candidate Exam Fee Restructure. Over the years, NCCCO’s candidate exam fee schedule has become extremely complex and contains numerous inconsistencies. This has resulted in a large number of applications not being completed correctly which has created unanticipated fees and charges to candidates. The fee structure has led to confusion and frustration for candidates, employers, training companies and NCCCO. The NCCCO Board of Directors mandated that the fee structure be simplified. NCCCO created a revised candidate fee structure and presented it to the various committees and governance levels within NCCCO. This revised candidate fee structure will go into effect on January 1, 2020. We wanted to assure that you were made aware of these changes in a timely manner. Please see Candidate Fee Restructure FAQs and 2020 Candidate Fees Table for additional information.  

If you have questions, concerns and need the training to get you ready for the NCCCO Certification examinations, contact us at:

CCTI, Inc.      (336) 337-1043

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