Rigging Level 1 & 2 plus signaler

Do you know how to rig I asked? Sure I been doing this for 20+ years he says!        Another says yeap, been rigging for 30 years and I got this!!!                                             Well, those words started to change as we delved into our first few lessons on rigging.

“Did not know that he says”, Never done it like that he says, Not how I was taught he says, and on and on and on for 3 days as we studied deeper into Rigging Level 1 & 2.

I met 15 employees this week that work all over the east coast, that are preparing for their NCCCO rigging level 1 & 2 certification. Preparing them all for testing both written and practical was an interesting 3 days.

Tying the 5 knots required by a rigger, calculating sling stress, sling angles, reduction factors, finding center of gravity, using known weights, known runs, calculating what an object weighed by using (L x W x H, or circumference, angles, tubing dimensions) were all a part of being a rigger became much more challenging.

We had many laughs, uh huh moments, didn’t know that comments, I have been doing that wrong for all of my career conversations. It made for a very interesting time with these 15 employees of a construction/service company branched out of Charlotte, North Carolina. Then came the test day which made for some interesting discoveries. Not quite ready for the NCCCO test is what was revealed. May need to go home and study for about 60 days before taking the NCCCO test for Rigging Level 1 & 2.                                              That is why we provide rigging training; (to enable proper procedure and knowledge to prevent bad habits, correct bad habits and overall just learning how to rig a load properly).

I wasn’t sure what I was walking into on day 1 with such an experienced group of mechanics, plumbers, electricians, welders by trade. But one thing for sure, we laughed a lot, learned a lot and as they left on Wednesday this week, they all became more aware of what a seasoned rigger really knew when it came to saying “Hoist that load”.

Thanks to all involved that made our 3 days together a great experience. Look forward to the next time we meet.

Below are some pictures of the hard workers at MSS Supply headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. Remember to “Look up and Live”.

If your in need of rigging training, been rigging for 20 years or need to refresh your skills, give us a shout at Crews Crane Training International, Inc.       joe@cranetraininginternational.com    336.337.1043


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