Rigger, Rigging, Rigging Tree

When you spend time with 100 company employees, you are bound to get some different opinions on how to rig something.

Some might use the single sling technique. Some might use the double sling technique. Some used a technique I had never seen before and hope to never see again. Too funny.

Do you know how to calculate the weight of the load? These students took the time to measure and calculate the weight of 7 different items ranging from a piece of I beam, piece of oak wood, steel tubing, threaded rod, angle iron and a piece of pipe.

Once they knew the weight they could demonstrate how to use the slings, what angle the slings would work at, and the tension factor/angle calculation. Whatever technique used, it needs to follow guidelines for rigging properly.

And lastly, the students learned how to tie 6 knots. That part was really funny when observing how many of the employees have slip on boots or velcro for lacing. Just kidding!!!

Listed below are some employee’s attempt at rigging a piece of tubing, piece of pipe, and a bundle of pipe. Some took this very serious and found the right way. Some wanted to cause me laughter with their explanation why they rigged it the way they did. I laughed but then we had one on one why that would not work as rigged. It was funny and we all laughed together and then they re-rigged the load.

The most impressive portion of all the training was how close some of the students came on the weight of the load. They really did measure each piece and use the provided formulas form their manual to get within a few pounds of the actual weight. Great Job Done By ALL!!!!!

All in all, it was a great 6 weeks providing overhead crane refresher, rigging refresher and the newest of subjects, MEWP (Mobile Elevating Work Platform) formerly know as Aerial/Scissor Lift.

Thanks to all the participation and hospitality of the greatest paper mill in Macon, Georgia. It is always a pleasure to spend time with each employee, supervisor, lead and management. Especially their safety department who goes above the standard and really cares about each employee going home safely.

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Enjoy the pictures and if you have any questions about what to rig, how to rig and need training, contact us at CCTI http://www.cranetraininginternational.com or Joe@cranetraininginternational.com (336) 337-1043

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