Powered Industrial Truck Training

What started out as meeting a new customer to perform their Periodic Overhead Crane Inspection to meet their OSHA requirements has turned into a great training opportunity. At a place called Landmark Coatings, Mark contacted us after sending his inspection packet for some training? Asking for Fork lift training and could we accomplish in a timely fashion? The answer was YES we can and completed that on this past Friday.

The owner Mark Campbell takes Safety as #1. Even though all four of the employees were previously trained, there were improvements made on their inspection process, equipment upgrades, and even a suggestion to battle with the rain when used outdoors. It was a great all hands involvement from the owner to each individual in the class. One of the highlights of the day was that Mark also attended the training and participated.

Thanks Mark for allowing CCTI to provide you with PIT training. Mark’s company is top notch and has some rather large equipment in the shop. I think anything you want to blast or clean, he can accommodate. Give him a call.

For anyone needing items ranging from automobile wheels, vehicle parts, large and small industrial steel blasted and cleaned, Landmark Coatings can provide that service.

  • Abrasive blasting (like sandblasting, but with a different kind of abrasive grit).
  • Bake-cleaning
  • Shot blasting
  • Shot peening

Landmark Coatings has multiple machines large and small that blasts, cleans and tumbles to prepare items for the powder coating process.

Landmark Coatings located at 933 Danner Road Mocksville, NC 27028 (336) 909-2069 Email: sales@landmarkcoatings.com

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About CrewsCrane

President/CEO of CCTI, Inc. providing Crane, Hoist, and material handling training. Inspections, service and parts for Mobile and overhead crane. General and Construction Industry for 10 & 30 hr OSHA courses, aerial/scissor lifts, and forklift. Inventory of Hoists, Slings and Below the Hook Devices.
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