MISSISSIPPI State goes all out on Voltage and Training

Congratulations and Thanks for all you do at The Paul B. Jacob High Voltage Laboratory at Mississippi State University serves as an independent, non-industrial, university center for high voltage engineering. The laboratory focuses on high voltage research, evaluation, and education. This multi-purpose high voltage facility is designed to meet the evaluation needs of the industry and provides the necessary environment for academic research in high voltage engineering. As an integral part of our national high voltage technology structure, the laboratory serves as a means of strengthening the U.S. position in this specialized technical area.

We at CCTI Inc. have been given the opportunity for multiple years now to provide the crane inspections, forklift training, aerial/scissor lift training and overhead crane operator training.

It all started when I first met David Wallace working at ABB/Kuhlman in Crystal Springs, Mississippi. We built a bond of interest in electricity and it grew from there into a relationship of watching David receive his Doctorate. So proud of David and what he has accomplished personally, but also what he has done at The University of Mississippi State.

Each time I visit David and his Laboratory I am amazed at what he is testing, attempting to do for companies in the field of High Voltage. His laboratory and the University is known all over the world as the place to go for not just a great education, but to use your mind to create new inventions.

I have attached some pictures from the training and his laboratory. Also there is a link for you to see more in depth of what the University is doing. When looking for a place to receive your education, look no further than The University of Mississippi State and get your degree working with High Voltage.

Link to High Voltage Laboratory at Mississippi State

Congratulations to all the graduates of 2021 and the students who attended the training provided by Crews Crane Training International, Inc. May your minds and eagerness to invent go forward and may you succeed in all you do.

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Leaving a Home after 21 years is HARD!!!

As I drove away from the home I have known for 21 years today is very hard.

I shared many memories with friends, family and my wife Robin in that home.

Sweat, tears, laughter, cookouts, patio fires, birthdays, parties, celebrations have been a part of my life, family life and the LOVE that was poured out in that house is over abundant.

Thank you LORD our GOD for blessing that home, keeping us safe, sharing in our growth and even a marriage that is so strong.

Thank you for each person who walked through those doors. May the next family be as Blessed as we were and prosper in the days to come and share in the types of memories we have shared.

Looking forward to the next chapter of life and what the Good Lord Brings us. Tomorrow is another day and prayers are needed for the next decision I will make tomorrow about retirement, slowing down, or selling our company.

So much to be thankful for and so much to still achieve.

So ready for my next adventure.

Thank you friends and family for your support.

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National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators announcing changes.

NCCCO’s continuous improvement efforts are paying off with streamlined systems for Candidates, Certificants, Training Providers, Test Site Coordinators, and Practical Examiners. As stakeholders in the NCCCO community, we want you to be aware of changes coming to NCCCO programs. Some of these such as implementation of a new logo – have already begun, while others will take effect later this year.

The National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) is announcing the following:

1. Changes to Fee Structure. NCCCO is further simplifying its exam fee schedule and lowering exam fees for certain exams. The fee for candidates taking Mobile Crane, Tower Crane, Overhead Crane, Articulating Crane, and Digger Derrick operator practical exams will be reduced from $70 to $60. This will be a fixed fee for each exam, thus eliminating the bundle pricing previously applied for taking multiple mobile and articulating crane operator exams. Similarly, the written and practical exam rates for the Rigger and Signal person programs will be reduced from $100 per an exam to $85. For practical exams and paper/pencil exams, fee reductions will be effective for exams administered on or after July 1, 2021. For computer-based tests, the reduced fee will take effect for applications received on or after July 1, 2021. These fee changes and standardization are intended to be more fair and increase flexibility for candidates who may prefer to take exams on different days or at different times rather than encouraging them to take exams they may not be fully prepared for simply because of a bundled incentive cost. The changes will also simplify the fee structure, permit Practical Examiners to get candidate score sheets to NCCCO more quickly after testing rather than wait until all testing is completed, and set the organization up for further streamlining which will benefit candidates in the future. See the complete NCCCO Exam Fees table, effective July 1, 2021, at   


2. Elimination of Combined Test Administrations. Consistent with the reduced exam fees, Combined Rigger/Signalperson and Combined Rigger Level I/Rigger Level II test administrations are also being discontinued, effective July 1, 2021. This will have the effect of making all NCCCO written and recertification exams available to be taken at any written test administration (except Signalperson, which requires a practical exam for recertification). As previously announced, all Written Exam Administration Requests must now be submitted online at www.nccco.org/wtar.

3. Elimination of Restricted Certifications. The short boom restrictions for candidates passing CCO practical exams on cranes not meeting minimum standardized boom configurations have been eliminated, based in part on the duplication with other CCO mobile crane operator certifications. Any currently scheduled exam administrations will be honored, but the candidate handbooks have been updated accordingly, including the removal of candidate applications for the Telescopic Boom-Restricted written exam. The short boom restricted certifications were developed specifically for operators of cranes that are used in industries such as the precast concrete industry, but a lack of demand has made continued maintenance of this designation not viable.

4. New Logo. Reflecting the continued expansion into personnel certifications for those who use load handling equipment other than cranes, NCCCO began transitioning to a new logo this year. While the new logo retains the familiar stylized “CCO” with headache ball and hook, the words around the logo have been removed. Those companies that have already received permission to use the old logo may continue to do so until June 30, 2021, at which point they will be required to transition to the new logo. NCCCO is currently developing a logo use approval framework for Training Providers, to be rolled out in April. The revised framework will allow for permissions to use the new logo while eliminating the need for NCCCO to review and approve some materials before distribution. Look for more details regarding the new logo program and a mandatory new application that must be completed in the coming months.

For further questions, for training, for certification; contact Joe Crews at



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Rigger, Rigging, Rigging Tree

When you spend time with 100 company employees, you are bound to get some different opinions on how to rig something.

Some might use the single sling technique. Some might use the double sling technique. Some used a technique I had never seen before and hope to never see again. Too funny.

Do you know how to calculate the weight of the load? These students took the time to measure and calculate the weight of 7 different items ranging from a piece of I beam, piece of oak wood, steel tubing, threaded rod, angle iron and a piece of pipe.

Once they knew the weight they could demonstrate how to use the slings, what angle the slings would work at, and the tension factor/angle calculation. Whatever technique used, it needs to follow guidelines for rigging properly.

And lastly, the students learned how to tie 6 knots. That part was really funny when observing how many of the employees have slip on boots or velcro for lacing. Just kidding!!!

Listed below are some employee’s attempt at rigging a piece of tubing, piece of pipe, and a bundle of pipe. Some took this very serious and found the right way. Some wanted to cause me laughter with their explanation why they rigged it the way they did. I laughed but then we had one on one why that would not work as rigged. It was funny and we all laughed together and then they re-rigged the load.

The most impressive portion of all the training was how close some of the students came on the weight of the load. They really did measure each piece and use the provided formulas form their manual to get within a few pounds of the actual weight. Great Job Done By ALL!!!!!

All in all, it was a great 6 weeks providing overhead crane refresher, rigging refresher and the newest of subjects, MEWP (Mobile Elevating Work Platform) formerly know as Aerial/Scissor Lift.

Thanks to all the participation and hospitality of the greatest paper mill in Macon, Georgia. It is always a pleasure to spend time with each employee, supervisor, lead and management. Especially their safety department who goes above the standard and really cares about each employee going home safely.

#rigging #riggingtree #crane #overheadcrane #training #safety

Enjoy the pictures and if you have any questions about what to rig, how to rig and need training, contact us at CCTI http://www.cranetraininginternational.com or Joe@cranetraininginternational.com (336) 337-1043

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Digger Derrick Mobile Crane Training

Congratulations to the newest members of the qualified Mobile Crane Digger Derrick Operators for City of Lexington, NC.

They all worked very hard to study, practice and learn all about being a crane operator and the responsibilities.

Great time together and look forward to 2021 and the rigging training using your crane.

Great group of city employees and made for a great week. Lots of Laughs and Jokes.

See you soon in 2021.

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US Dept. of Interior Release

For all veterans November 11th will be a special day. Not only is it Veteran’s Day, but it becomes the first day of free access to National Park Service, US Fish, BLM, & BLR.

Today, on behalf of the Trump Administration and in support of America’s military members and families, U.S. Secretary of the Interior David L. Bernhardt announced at the Iowa Gold Star Museum that Gold Star Families and U.S. military veterans will be granted free access to national parks, wildlife refuges and other Federal lands managed by the Department of the Interior starting on Veterans Day (Nov. 11) this year and every day onward.

Entrance fees for the National Park Service and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and standard amenity recreation fees for the Bureau of Land Management and the Bureau of Reclamation sites will be waived for veterans and Gold Star Families. They will have free access to approximately 2,000 public locations spread out across more than 400 million acres of public lands, which host activities to fit any lifestyle, from serene to high octane, including hiking, fishing, paddling, biking, hunting, stargazing and climbing.

#veteran #nationalpark


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So happy to get another order out to our rigging customer.

When you need slings, rigging hardware, lever hoist and manual chain hoist, contact us at CCTI, Inc. to help you with your material handling needs.

Thank you to all our customers who rely on us for your material handling needs.

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To Hook or not Hook?

When you look at this hook which I inspected on a hoist purchased from Harbor Freight Tools what do you think of when it comes to safety?

Is this the hoist you want with this hook hanging your product in the area of where your employees work? If so, continue to purchase your $200 hoist from Harbor Freight Tools.

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You get what you pay for!!!

These are trying times. When you provide a service that is of quality and put your pride into your work, it is disheartening when things change in the accounting/purchasing dept.

When you provide crane inspections and training for a company for many years and then the person who normally sets up the inspections is relived of their authority, you get people who just look at the numbers.

IE, the lowest bid is what gets the award for the mobile crane inspections. What does that give you?????

A company that farms out the inspections because they do not do it or do not know how to do it and the company inspection sticker reflects it in the inspection. The sticker on the crane is not from the company who was awarded the contract without it going to bid. What does that tell you about the people who make the decisions???

Problem is when a Crane Training Instructor shows up to provide the training using the cranes that he used to inspect and they are not inspected correctly and not functioning we have a problem. When the wire rope, the drum hydraulic system is leaking, the crane has multiple items that do not meet the OSHA requirements, I do wonder if that company knows what they are inspecting??? I know this company well as I did their dog and pony show in Augusta, GA for customers with a 3 hour rigging class. They are a rigging company, not a crane inspection company. Be careful what you contract out and who you contract out.

You get what you pay for and it would not bother me and I would not take the time while sitting in a hotel room after working hours typing this up, but this is a company that I have been servicing for over 8 years, inspections and training.

I take it personal when you are treating your employees safety based on a dollar versus good service, inspections and training.

I have posted a picture of the hoist wire rope and the inspection sticker of this company but keep in mind this is not the company that was awarded the contract. I know these companies and am concerned for the safety of the employees.

So when your in charge of awarding the contract to a company do not just choose the lowest bid, do your homework and make sure you have a respected company who provides the inspections and services.

We are not saying this company can or can not do the work, what we are saying is that the company that was awarded the inspections are a different company from the supposed Charleston location but yet you see this inspection sticker on the crane.

Do your homework people.

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How to tell if you made a difference?

I just finished up the 1st of 5 weeks at a water/wastewater facility. Providing mobile crane training to a group of employees who mostly had never been on a mobile crane.

This Friday night by the time I arrived home I got an email from 1 of the students. Keep in mind that out of 9 students, only 2 passed both the written and practical examinations. This person who sent me the email was one of those that did not pass. What he said to me meant so much because he realized that being a mobile crane operator is not easy!!! He also realized that our company CCTI doesn’t pass you or give you the answers on the test while your taking the test so you pass. Those students will take pride in their success because they know that they practiced and earned that title as a Mobile Crane Operator.

There are too many companies out there right now and in the past that stand up in the classroom and give you the answers while taking the test or fudge the numbers when it comes to the practical examinations. Your hurting the student, the company that hired you, and most of all yourself.

Respect is a gift someone gives you when you deserve their respect and it has to be earned. Take pride in what you do and it will go a long way with students that you are helping to become productive in their trade. Today I feel so good that this student took time out of his busy day to Thank me and share with me that he knows what he was doing wrong on the crane and wants to correct his mistakes. This is the kind of student that with practice will be an asset to his company.

Here is what his email said.

“I wanted to take a moment and thank you for the training that you and CWS (company name) provided me and others with. I truly gained a great deal of knowledge in a short amount of time. I also was reflecting on the practical test and how I was messing up at the end. Going back through it in my head, I didn’t think all of the steps in sequence. I believe I should have started with slow rotation to the left then start booming down. What I did was boom down then realized I needed rotation and that is when it began swinging around and I was unsure of how to stop that in such a small path. Anyways thank you and I look forward to the service truck training!”

I look forward to his other training in the weeks to come.

When you need the #1 Mobile Crane Training to help your employees become Qualified or Certified, reach out to us at http://www.cranetraininginternational.com or sales@cranetraininginternational.com

Remember “Look up and Live”

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