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Advanced Rigging

Week 2 came to a close, there was some serious rigging going on in Augusta, Georgia. Students said “they wanted more, so we gave em more”. More rigging, calculations, inspections, mobile cranes, slings, square roots, length times width, Pie, and … Continue reading

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Basic Rigging Training

Week 1 of Basic Rigging was a success for many different groups of employees in Augusta, Georgia. These students really showed they wanted to learn about rigging for mobile cranes. Some of the things we spent time learning are listed … Continue reading

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Shackles and Configurations

This week I had the pleasure to inspect some hoist very high in the air. Along with the hoist, I was inspecting curtains that are raised and lowered during special events. Here are some pictures of the shackles and the … Continue reading

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Stretched Shackle

This shackle comes from a customer that I visited once per month. We have had many discussions concerning rigging in that location of the plant. Now that someone has dropped a load and broken a foot, I am being asked … Continue reading

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Rigging Training

Started 2015 with rigging training. Calculating sling angles, sling configuration and most of all calculating how much does this load weigh???

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